S.H.E.D Training - Sleep, Hydration, Exercise & Diet Training

CPDDuration: 1.5 Hours

Our Resilience Course Aims:

The aims of this training is to give participants an awareness of the importance of Sleep, Hydration, Exercise & Diet in relation to maintenance of optimal Mental and Physical well being and to improve knowledge and understanding of how to improve/maintain the components of  S.H.E.D.

Course Contents:

  • What are the components of S.H.E.D
  • What is Sleep and the 4 phases
  • The benefits of sleep and effects of poor sleep
  • What causes poor sleep and how it can be improved
  • Definition of Hydration and how to optimise
  • What are the mental and physical benefits of Hydration
  • Signs and symptoms of dehydration and how to improve Hydration
  • Exercise and its mental and physical benefits
  • Recommended daily amount of Exercise
  • What is Nutrition and Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)
  • Diabetes and the role of sugar
  • Sugar addiction
  • Mental and physical impacts on healthy Diet
  • Mental and physical impacts of poor Diet

Course Certification:

S.H.E.D Training certified by ProTraining Courses & Accredited by CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

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