MHFR For Teachers

People who work in Learning settings may be more susceptible to stress due to the demands of their work. This may interfere with performance and may ultimately create an unpleasant workplace. It is therefore important that people that have high demand jobs support and understand each other.

Employers are encouraged to promote good Mental Health and provide support for employees who are experiencing Mental Ill Health including anxiety or depression.

This one day Mental Health First Response course for Teachers aims at giving employers or employees the skills that they may need to respond to a Mental Health Emergency that an employee or colleague is experiencing . It will teach the MHFR’s how to assist people who are developing a Mental Health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing problem or are in a Mental Health crisis, until professional help is received.

Course Contents:

  • What is Mental Health and Mental Ill Health

  • Common Mental Health conditions including depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and post traumatic stress disorders

  • Stress, signs and symptoms and factors that increase stress

  • The impact of poor Mental Health on a person

  • Common harmful coping strategies including substance misuse, eating disorders and self harm

  • Signs of individual who uses harmful coping strategies

  • What is our REACH approach

  • Stigma surrounding Mental Health

  • Empathy and its importance in Mental Health First Response

  • How to approach a person with a Mental Health issues

  • Scenarios we may encounter in the workplace

  • Ways to improve Mental Health and Well Being

  • Helping to guide the person to the correct supports available


Multiple choice examination


QNUK Understanding Mental Health Level 2

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