Mental Health First Response Training


Our Course Aims:
This one day Mental Health First Response course aims at giving participants the skills that they may need to respond to a Mental Health Emergency.  The aim is to teach learners how to assist people who are developing a Mental Health problem, experiencing a worsening of an existing problem or are in a Mental Health crisis, until professional help is received. In return the partipant will learn valuable skills on awareness of their own Mental Health. 

Course Contents:

  • What is Mental Health and Mental Ill Health
  • Common Mental Health conditions including depression, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders and post traumatic stress disorders
  • Stress, signs and symptoms and factors that increase stress
  • The impact of poor Mental Health on a person
  • Common harmful coping strategies including substance misuse, eating disorders and self harm
  • Signs of individual who uses harmful coping strategies
  • What is our REACH approach
    Stigma surrounding Mental Health
  • Empathy and its importance in Mental Health First Response
  • How to approach a person with a Mental Health issues
  • Scenarios we may encounter in the workplace
  • Ways to improve Mental Health and Well Being
  • Helping to guide the person to the correct supports available


Course Certification:

Two year certification in Mental Health First Response Certified by ProTraining

In house training and group discounts also available. 

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Event Event Date Event End Date Location Individual Price Register
Mental Health First Response Course - Online 22-01-2022 9:30 am 22-01-2022 4:30 pm Online €150.00
Mental Health First Response Course 27-01-2022 9:30 am 27-01-2022 4:30 pm Online €150.00
Mental Health First Response Course 25-02-2022 9:30 am 25-02-2022 4:30 pm Crowne Plaza Dundalk €150.00
Mental Health First Response Course 26-02-2022 9:30 am 26-02-2022 4:30 pm Online €150.00
Mental Health First Response Course 11-03-2022 9:30 am 11-03-2022 4:30 pm Fern Hill Business Park, Glaslough, Co Monaghan €150.00