ProTraining Courses are No.1 in CPR/AED, First Aid, Manual Handling & Mental Health Training

Carol Mc Girl is the founder of ProTraining Courses. She is a PHECC, Cardiac First Response Instructor, a First Aid Reponse Instructor, an Irish Heart Foundation BLS Healthcare Provider/Heart saver AED Instructor a Manual Handling Instructor and is qualified as a Mental Health First Response Instructor. Her background is in Nursing.

ProTraining Courses staff prioritize enjoyment in learning and understand that people have very busy lifestyles and businesses often struggle to find time to do training courses. ProTraining Courses will do its best to accommodate the needs of any industry, school, club or individual that has taken the time to identify the importance of First Aid Training, First Aid Response Training, Manual Handling Training and Mental Health First Response Training.

All ProTraining Courses are certified. The PHECC First Aid Course is called the First Aid Response course.

Why do you need Certified First Aid, CPR/AED, Manual Handling & Mental Health First Response Training?

To undervalue training in First Aid, CPR and the use of an AED (automated external defibrillator) and Mental Health First Response Training is to undervalue life. Worryingly, one in three people would not know what to do if a child was Choking.

The Health at a Glance Report reported that Ireland has one of the highest rates with 18.5% recorded as having a mental health illness such as anxiety, bipolar disorder or alcohol / drug use in 2016.

Early CPR and use of an AED doubles the likelihood of survival in the event of Cardiac Arrest. First Aid Training will provide you with the invaluable knowledge and skills of how to save a life. Our training courses can give you these skills.  Learn how to give CPR. Know when and how to use an AED. Be responsible for your own learning.

ProTraining Courses will make your experience in CPR/AED, First Aid, Manual Handling and Mental Health First Response Training  enjoyable and interesting. We aim to raise awareness of First Aid/CPR and use of an AED in the workplace as well as Manual Handling and Mental Health First Response in order to help business owners protect their employees and in order to ensure that you will know how to perhaps save a life.